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With more than 50,000 local residents, bustling Marietta is one of the largest suburbs of Atlanta. Marietta has enjoyed a storied role in the development of North Georgia, since the arrival of settlers in the early 1800s. Today, Marietta is home to many distinct neighborhoods and local landmarks, and the community remains a popular choice for families who want to enjoy the appeal of Atlanta without living inside the city limits.

Marietta was originally chosen as the hub of the Western and Atlantic Railroad, causing the local economy to boom. Shortly thereafter, the railroad’s final destination was moved to the region now known as Atlanta, but Marietta still benefitted greatly from this development. The city would later serve as a backdrop to several key events during both the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. These events have helped to cement Marietta’s role in the history of the state of Georgia.

The quaint streets of Marietta are home to many antebellum homes and large estates, in addition to more modest single-family homes. In recent years, apartment complexes and condominiums have also been developed in Marietta. If you are a property owner in the area looking for comprehensive management options, don’t overlook the talented staff at RENU Investor Property Management Georgia.

Our real estate management professionals routinely work with landlords in Marietta, and we’ll be happy to help you address the needs of your rental property. From finding tenants to handling emergency repair requests, RENU Georgia provides unparalleled customer services to our clients throughout North Georgia.

Why Choose RENU Investor Property Management Georgia?

Selecting the right property manager is of the utmost importance for real estate investors and homeowners. RENU Investor Property Management Georgia offers an ideal solution for landlords, with comprehensive management packages that include 24/7 account access online, centralized accounting services, and no-hassle maintenance calls. Best of all, we work with our clients to create a customized management strategy that includes recruiting the best tenants for vacant properties. This proactive approach keeps the investment protected and customers happy.

Tackling property management often proves immensely challenging for landlords. Instead of worrying about the headaches of management, our customers partner with the dynamic RENU Georgia team. We work to maximize your profit margins and stabilize your income source, while simultaneously keeping tenants satisfied and ensuring all homes meet our strict rental standards. Our inspectors routinely monitor the health of your property, allowing us to catch potential problems before they escalate.

Among the many benefits of working with RENU Georgia you can always expect the following:

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees.

Local Experience

We possess knowledge in the Atlanta area to bring our clients the best property management services in the industry.

EmergEncy Services

Our national maintenance call center is available around-the-clock to deal with emergency issues requiring immediate attention.

Centeralized Accounting

Our top-notch accounting system is state of the art, making tax time easier.

Insurance Policies

We have liability and other forms of insurance to mitigate risks.

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